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Copper’s Benefits

The medical benefits provided by copper fall into two categories:


Copper effectively kills a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria, and fungus, from exposure to copper ions.  Copper oxide releases ions that penetrate the harmful bacteria/fungus causing:

  • Membrane rupture, causing loss of basic nutrients and fluid
  • Damage to microbe genetic material such as DNA & RNA
  • Damage to proteins
  • It does not allow reproduction of bacteria/fungi.

The regular wear of copper socks helps to eliminate 99.9% of fungi, such as athlete’s foot, and bacterias that cause odor on the feet, thanks to the antimicrobial properties of copper.

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Skin enhancement/Potential wound healing

Copper is an essential mineral in maintaining the skin, stimulating the production of capillaries, collagen and other key proteins that help stabilize skin layers - it improves the appearance of the skin and has the potential in promoting wound healing.

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More Reasons Why You Should Wear Copper Socks

  • Copper socks and insoles get rid of smelly feet. Find out how here.
  • Copper yarn technology is non-toxic and lab-tested. Read more on this technology here.
  • The effectiveness of copper socks is clinically proven. See the results of clinical studies here.